TrackingPoint Shows Off 1,200 Yard Kill With Their Newest Computerized Rifle

June 13 2014
by GSL Staff
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By now you’ve probably heard of TrackingPoint. The company has invented a series of rifles that use advanced electronics that handle the majority of the calculations needed for long range shooting for you.

The system lets you “tag” a target, then pull the trigger, but the rifle won’t fire until you’ve perfectly lined up the shot to hit your tagged target. Once you have the shot lined up the gun fires.

Using what appears to be a new rifle, the company showed off a recent 1,200 yard (that’s not a typo) kill on a Black Wildebeest with 10 MPH cross wind.

The rifle used was most likely chambered in .338 Lupua Magnum.

What do you guys think? Is this still hunting in the classic sense of the word? Or something else.

Bob Owens over at raises some concerns on how ethical a shot that long is, even with TrackingPoint’s technology. His argument is that due to the sheer amount of time the bullet spends in flight that too many things could happen. Obviously, if the target moves after the bullet is fired, it doesn’t matter how much technology went into the shot before that.

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