Thieves Steal 50 Guns From PA Gun Owner in Seemingly Targeted Burglary

November 4 2014
by GSL Staff
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A resident of Harrisburg, PA told police that around 50 guns were stolen out of his home in mid October.

Police just released a statement on the crime this week. Fortunately, 35 of the firearms have been recovered so far and officers are optimistic they will be able to track down the remaining guns.

The theft seems to have been a targeted job. The thieves stole nothing else in the home and brought in tools specifically to allow them to access the homeowner’s gun safe.

Police say the firearms were legally owned by the resident and he reported the crime right away.

Of course the media report had to sensationalize things a bit, citing how powerful the .50 caliber handguns that was stolen is (looks to be a Magnum Research BFR, which is a single action revolver) and how some of the firearms are even semi-automatic. One of the guns (a .22 pistol) even had a laser sight. Scary stuff. From Penn Live:

It’s not the kind of firepower police want in the hands of criminals, Carter said. He said the 50-caliber gun they confiscated Thursday could blow a hole through a car engine block.

“It can do a lot of damage,” Carter said.

This story will hopefully serve as a public service announcement for a couple of reasons.

1. Be careful who you show your gun collection to, especially people you don’t know very well.
2. Safes are not 100% secure. While we don’t know what kind of safe the homeowner had, we do know it was defeated quickly and easily with readily available tools.

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