[Video] Meet The New NRA Commentators – The New Faces of Gun Owners in America

March 26 2013
by GSL Staff
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Let’s face it, the NRA, and gun owners in general are stereotyped by many members of the general public.

As members of the shooting community we know that you would be hard pressed to find a more diverse group of people hailing from all walks of life.

However, and let’s be honest, much of the population sees gun owners and specifically NRA members as being old, white, males who are out of touch with modern culture.

With their newest commentators, the NRA is looking to change that image. It’s not a gimmick, it’s not to appear diverse. The shooting community IS diverse and these commentators truly represent shooters across the country and the future of gun ownership in America.

Let’s meet the new team of commentators.

First up Mr. Colion Noir. Noir is an aspiring attorney and a longtime Youtube personality who has been gaining a following for years for his easy to understand, no BS videos on the real issues surrounding gun control. Noir describes himself as an ‘urban gun enthusiast’.

Next up is Natalie Foster. Foster is the CEO and Founder of the website, Girls Guide to Guns. Foster has been credited with bringing female gun ownership to the forefront and hopes to bring a face to the ever rising demographic of female gun owners.

Finally, Dom Raso brings a high level of firearms experience to NRA News. Raso is a 12 year Navy veteran and retired Navy Seal. Raso says being an NRA commentator is his way to continue to serve his country.

We think that NRA News has put together a great new team

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