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January 5 2015
by Sam Cadle
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I would like to take some time to say thanks for the welcome from Dan into the GunsSaveLives family, and I hope that I can serve well while I am here. I wanted to give you, my readers, an idea of who I am and what you will be reading in my columns.

Since by now you’ve had a chance to see my bio, which is a great little blurb about me, here is a more in-depth look in to my beliefs, stances and background. Coming into a large following like this it’s important to me that you to have a greater understanding and personal connection.

First, I believe 110% in civilian carry and the positive things that can come from it. I carry every day, without fail no matter where I am. I believe in being able to not only defend myself but also my loved ones that are with me. I also believe in helping others when they are in need. My goal, just like those in law enforcement is to come home to my family every night and not let someone take loved ones from them.

In terms of gun laws, I am a staunch libertarian. I do not believe in laws restricting the use of firearms by civilians. I support and even participate in open carry, something that many out there don’t agree with. But it comes down to a fundamental rights for me. Open carry is legal where I live in Washington State, and a right not exercised is a right lost. I have never been arrested, I have one negative encounter with the police over the five years that I have open carried. I spend more time getting praise, educating the public and of course the requisite quizzical looks from others.

I know that many out there don’t support open carry. That is your right. But one major issue I have and see on a daily basis is how the firearm community is divided within itself. Those that don’t support open carry will often denigrate those that do. They will often times even vote against open carry if a initiative or referendum comes up. Our rights are under attack from all sides and it is essential to stand together.

This division in the community is the quintessential thing that will cause us to lose our rights. We must band together and fight together, whether we agree 100% or not. An example that I often use is that I do not always agree with long gun open carry, but know that if there was a threat to long gun open carry that I would be at the rally with my slung AR in hand, standing side-by-side with my brothers and sisters. I would be making calls, writing stories and doing whatever it took to make sure that the right was preserved. Why? Because you lose rights one at a time, slowly over time and before you know it you are turning over your guns and asking how this happened.

I am also a huge advocate for body armor and you will often times see me in videos wearing a carrier. I frequently joke that I don’t wear armor to protect me, it is to protect you from my significant other in the event of negligence or “friendly fire”. Trust me, she will find you. All joking aside, I wear armor not to look cool, or just to be tactical. I wear it because I am at the range a lot, and I see people do stupid things. I have had more guns that I can count pointed at me and had people start dry fire practice on a cold range with people setting targets. Better safe than sorry and seriously, my sweetie would find you.

I have seen it all, and do not want to become a statistic. Especially one that could be used against our firearms community. Some might say that going to an established range will fix that, and to them I say that the range master is not always all seeing and many of the things I have had happen and seen happen have been at established ranges. People are fallible, my life is the only one I have and I chose to protect that life any way that I can.

I believe in training and always having a plan. My daily carry regiment is a Sig P229 .40, Olight M18 Maverick flashlight, Esee 3 MIL-SPEC and Kershaw folder. Everything I carry has a purpose, and I train with it all. The key to surviving a violent encounter is the ability to improvise and adapt to the situation. You cannot train for every scenario out there, but you can train fundamentals and know how to apply them without a second thought and adapting them to fit your needs. Your ability to think quickly hinges on not needing to think about the other things you are doing. You want the muscle memory and instinctual reactivity in place, trained in before you need it.

I look forward to being here and I hope to help bring not only defensive gun uses to the table, but also my insight, years of training and tools to help those out there survive any unfortunate events they may encounter. I am also a review writer and plan to bring relevant gear to the table to help people make informed decisions about the gear they choose to carry.

While there are great bargains out there, you cannot beat quality gear. I know many people don’t live on unlimited budgets, so I can try to help spend the limited budget you do have wisely. I will not lower myself to a good review for something that isn’t good. My integrity and exacting standards aren’t for sale at the cost of your budgets and lives.

On a quick end note, I also believe that I, as a firearms writer, am a resource for you and the community. So if you have questions, comments or just want to drop me a line (or Like!) please feel free to drop by my Facebook page and send me a message. You can find my Facebook page under Sam Cadle.

Thank you again to Dan for this great opportunity and thank you all for the welcome. I’m looking forward to my time here with the readers.

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