Texas House Passes a Dozen Pro Gun Laws on “Gun Day”

May 6 2013
by GSL Staff
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On Saturday, the Texas House approved a dozen pro gun bills that, if signed into law, will make Texas one of the most firearms friendly states in the country.

Of note, the legislature decided to allow college students aged 21 years or older and who already have a concealed weapons permit, to carry firearms on campuses. Although, the measure would allow individual colleges and universities to set their own policies which would supersede the new law.

The state also opted itself out of future federal gun legislation (although most legal analysts agree this is just a feel good measure).

The votes took place as tens of thousands of pro gun supporters attended the NRA’s annual convention in the state.

According to KXAN several Democratic lawmakers weren’t too happy with the series of votes,

Rep. Armando Walle, D-Houston, raised a string of parliamentary objections to many of the gun bills, but they all failed. He asked Toth, “Is your bill political posturing?”

“We just passed by voice vote a slew of pro-gun legislation,” Walle said. “So what is this? Why do we need it?”

Rep. Gene Wu, a Houston Democrat, went further on Twitter, saying, “In case your head is too thick to understand: State law will not trump federal law.”

Texas appears to be poised to be the state that personifies the pro gun mentality.

As Texas has one of the largest budget surpluses of any state (without a state income tax to boot) and continues to be one of the largest standalone economies in the world, they must be doing something right in The Lone Star State.

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