BREAKING: Supreme Court Declines to Hear Any New Gun Cases

February 24 2014
by GSL Staff
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supreme_courtThe Supreme Court has declined to take on any of the 3 gun rights cases they considered.

Two of those cases were brought by the NRA, and they would have addressed the issue of the right to bear arms outside of the home.

The court famously held that the Second Amendment was an individual right and people were absolutely entitled to keep and bear arms inside their homes during the Heller ruling. However, that case did not address the right to bear arms outside of the home. That case also allowed reasonable restrictions to be placed on Second Amendment rights, however what those reasonable restrictions are has also not made it back to the Supreme Court.

Gun rights activists were hopeful that the court would take on at least one of the cases and affirm the right to bear arms outside of the home. This would have far reaching implications for states and localities where it is difficult if not impossible to legally carry a firearm outside of the home.

Interestingly, the 9th Court of Appeals in California earlier this month struck down California’s “may issue” part of their carry permit law which required applicants to demonstrate good cause for needing a permit.

That ruling will not be appealed, so that is likely going to stand as one of the highest court rulings on carry outside of the home until the Supreme Court decides to take on a case at some point in the future. According to USA Today, that may still happen at some point in the near future,

The decision does not preclude the court eventually agreeing to consider the next big legal issue in the national debate over guns: whether the right to keep a gun at home for self-defense extends to public places.

In fact, a federal appeals court panel’s divided ruling this month in a California case makes it more likely that the question of guns outside the home will be heading to the high court soon.

The cases up for consideration this time were case #’s 12-1401, 13-137, and 13-390.

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