Students in California Being Asked About Parent’s and Friend’s Gun Ownership During Sports Physicals

January 31 2014
by GSL Staff
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We’ve certainly seen this before – doctors, usually pediatricians, asking about gun ownership during routine physicals and checkups.

One of our readers sent us a photo of part of a form that was associated with a physical to play sports given to their child.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.21.37 AM

The form, in question 12, asks, “Do you, your parents, or any of your friends have a gun?”

I know if I was answering that question, it would be “All of the above.”

Let’s keep in mind this is a sports physical that all students must get in order to participate in high school sports.

While this question may seem innocent enough, it goes back to the whole mental health debate we’re having about gun ownership.

For example, what if someone filling out this form answered “Yes” to question 23, which states “During the past few weeks, have you OFTEN felt sad, down or hopeless?” I’m sure there are a multitude of hormonal high school students might answer Yes to that question. What if they also said they owned a gun (let’s assume they are 18 and/or can legally own a firearm in their state). Could their right to keep their gun be jeopardized by some of the mental health proposals being thrown around out there?

I don’t know, I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate here. There is a lot of personal info being requested here. According to the full version of the form, the information provided is completely confidential unless doctors feel you “are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else.”

The reader who sent us the form does not want their name or their child’s name revealed. The form comes from Kasier Permanente based on a larger image of the form we were provided. We were also able to find a copy of what appears to be a slightly different version of the form hosted publicly on Kaiser’s website. This version of the form also features the gun ownership question. So far, our emails to Kaiser asking how the information pertaining to gun ownership would be used have not been answered.

The family chose to have the sports physical done at a Kasier Permanente doctor because that is who their healthcare provider is. We do not have any reason to believe the child’s school had any role in the gun ownership question.

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