Stevie Wonder Breaks Promise to Trayvon’s Family, Will Play Shows in Multiple “Stand Your Ground” States

October 20 2014
by GSL Staff
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You might remember our coverage of Stevie Wonder’s promise that he made last year in “support” of Trayvon Martin in which he said he would never play a show in a state that had a “stand your ground law”.

Well, now it looks like Wonder will be breaking that promise as he has agreed to play a show in the state of Georgia. Georgia not only has a stand your ground style self defense law, but the state just greatly expanded where firearms could be carried by permit holders this year.

According to a Ticketmaster listing of Wonder’s upcoming shows, he is slated to play in Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania later this year, all of which have “stand your ground” laws on the books.

Here are Stevie Wonder’s comments from last year [emphasis added]:

“The truth is that—for those of you who’ve lost in the battle for justice, wherever that fits in any part of the world—we can’t bring them back. What we can do is we can let our voices be heard. And we can vote in our various countries throughout the world for change and equality for everybody. That’s what I know we can do.

“And I know I’m not everybody, I’m just one person. I’m a human being. And for the gift that God has given me, and from whatever I mean, I decided today that until the Stand Your Ground law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again. As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world.

“Because what I do know is that people know that my heart is of love for everyone. When I say everyone I mean everyone. As I said earlier, you can’t just talk about it, you have to be about it. We can make change by coming together for the spirit of unity. Not in destruction, but in the perpetuation of life itself.”

I guess it’s a lot easier to make empty promises instead of actually keeping them.

h/t The Daily Caller

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