Social Media Research Company Says Less than 49% of People Want Gun Legislation (Still not 90%)

April 23 2013
by GSL Staff
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infegy is a social media market research company. They compile, analyze and break down the massive amount of content and discussion generated on social media everyday.

They decided to aim their analytic skill at the gun debate and see what people where actually talking about.

What they found is that less than 49% of people taking part in the online debate over gun control support more gun control.

This, along with a couple of other polls (here and here) shows that the public isn’t as unified on gun control as the White House would have us believe with its constantly repeated 90% statistic.

The company also found that an overwhelming number of people own guns for protection and collecting compared to a dwindling number who own them for hunting and target shooting. Gone are the days when politicians can cater to the hunting lobbies in order to push gun control through. Your average gun owner nowadays has never even seen a tree stand, let alone spent hours in one. They are interested in protecting their family and preserving their rights.

Social media is certainly not a perfect measure of public sentiment, but a good percentage of the global population now using some form of social media at least occasionally, it’s certainly a pretty good barometer.

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