Shannon Watts Claims NRA is Losing and Cites 90% Poll… Again

January 6 2015
by GSL Staff
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The battle for gun rights nationwide has had some give and take over the last two years. Some states, mostly those with restrictive laws already, have moved to regulate guns even further. However, in even more states, the right to carry and own firearms has been greatly expanded in that same time period.

Gun control legislation was defeated at the federal level and the latest midterm elections have ushered in what should be the most pro-gun congress in nearly a decade.

New polls show support for gun rights are at an all time high and gun control is at an all time low.

Despite all of these facts, Moms Demand Action founder and Bloomberg crony Shannon Watts made some interesting comments to Salon (yeah, I know, it’s Salon).

We now have a director of the [Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives]; we now have a Surgeon General who is an outspoken advocate for gun-violence prevention and was hugely opposed by the NRA — I think the last time the NRA lost a Senate vote was in August of 2010 — so we are building momentum … If you talk to any of our moms on the ground, they’ll tell you they are feeling emboldened, they are feeling empowered, they are feeling like we’re winning.

And of course Watts had to bring up the often debunked, older than dirt background check poll numbers that no one ever quotes a source on

At the end of the day, when you look at polls that ask questions in the correct way, you have 90 percent or more of Americans supporting background checks — and obviously that includes people of all backgrounds and all colors…

Oh. Now it’s actually 90% or more. You wouldn’t be able to get 90% of the country to agree with the statement “Food is good,” let alone complex laws dealing with the private transfer of private property.

Shannon is starting to sound like a broken record and sounds like someone who is just spouting the company line to whomever will listen. In this case it seems that the only people interested in listening are ultra left wing online publications.

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