Senator Manchin Collects Payday From Bloomberg For His Support of Gun Control Legislation

July 3 2013
by GSL Staff
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Joe_Manchin_official_portrait_112th_CongressDemocratic Senator Joe Manchin, the mastermind behind the gun control legislation which failed in the Senate back in April is about to get his payday from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for supporting the mayor’s anti gun agenda.

According to Buzz Feed, the mayor will host a private fundraising event at his Manhattan home later this month. Tickets for the event are reportedly starting at $1,000.

One has to wonder how long ago these fundraising efforts were promised to Manchin from Bloomberg and if promises of fat campaign finance accounts were what led Manchin to become such a vocal voice for gun control.

Bloomberg has already shown he is willing to buy his way into the gun debate by purchasing tens of millions of dollars of TV and radio advertising targeting pro-gun senators. I guess it’s no surprise that he is also willing to use his influence to become a fundraiser for anti-gun politicians.

Manchin isn’t even up for reelection until 2018, so that leaves plenty of time for Bloomberg to line the senators pockets over the next five years.

During that election we’ll get to see if West Virginia residents support having one of their senators in the pocket of the New York City Mayor’s Office.

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