Seattle Shooter is Mentally Ill, Was Off His Meds at Time of Shooting

June 12 2014
by GSL Staff
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Surprise, surprise, the suspect in the recent shooting at Seattle Pacific College is a mentally ill person who was off his meds at the time of the shooting according to prosecutors.

According to write up on KPTV,

The man charged with killing one student and wounding two others at a small Seattle college last week had stopped taking his medications because he “wanted to feel the hate,” and he detailed his plans in a handwritten journal for two weeks before the attack, a prosecutor said Tuesday.

“I just want people to die, and I’m gonna die with them!” [the mentally ill killer] wrote the day of the shooting, King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg said.

Authorities say [the mentally ill killer] has been held without bail and is on suicide watch at the county jail since a student pepper-sprayed him and ended the rampage Thursday at Seattle Pacific University.

[The mentally ill killer]’s lawyer, Ramona Brandes, has said her client has a long history of mental issues but is aware of the trauma caused by the shooting and is sorry. She said Tuesday that no decision has been made yet on whether he will seek a mental-illness defense.

The suspect was stopped by a brave student who was armed with pepper spray. Prosecutors have already announced they will seek a life sentence against the suspect.

As you may have noticed we did not publish the suspect’s name in this article, and we have been doing our best to stick to that practive recently. Many of these mass murderers crave fame and notoriety and we will not give it to them.

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