School in Massachusetts Installs Nation’s First “Active Shooter Detection System”

November 18 2014
by GSL Staff
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A school in Massacusetts has installed the nation’s first real time detection and tracking system for active shooter situations. The system was unveiled to a demonstration last week.

According to MSNBC:

A district in Massachusetts this week unveiled the country’s first installation of a shooter-detection system inside a U.S. school that can recognize and track a gunman roaming through the building.

With students and staff out for Veterans Day on Tuesday, police demonstrated a live mock trial of the innovative system inside a school in Methuen, a town located about 30 miles north of Boston.

The technology of the Guardian Indoor Gunshot Detection is similar to that used by the military to keep soldiers safe inside the United States and around the world. Sensors installed in classrooms, hallways and entrances immediately detect the firing of a gunshot in less than a second.

Then, a mobile app sends text messages with the school name and exact location of the incident to the superintendent, principal, police chief, and school resource officer. Once alerted, the officials also can track the gunman’s movements.

Not mentioned in the article is that once the shooter is tracked it will still take a good guy with a gun (whoever that may be in a particular school) to stop him.

Of course, MSNBC goes on to use the now debunked stat that there were 88 school shootings since the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, because, well, it’s MSNBC and why wast time with facts?

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