[Video] Sandy Hook Teachers Claim Good Guy With a Gun Wouldn’t Have Stopped Shooting

December 8 2014
by GSL Staff
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One group of people firmly believe that an armed presence at Sandy Hook elementary school would not have stopped Adam Lanza – the teachers and employees who were there that day.

Several school employees were on CBS Sunday Morning this week and were asked if they thought an armed presence at the school would have stopped the massacre.

One of the ladies actually laughs at the question.

School librarian Mary Ann Jacobs

And you know what? If there had been someone at the entrance to our school with a gun, they would have been dead too. There’s a reason they call them “assault weapons.” It’s an impossible barrage to survive from. We survived because we were lucky and because he was stopped, for whatever reason, before he could do more damage.

This is like, when, cigarettes got so much pressure and all the laws were made against all the tobacco companies, and the same thing with seat belts and car safety. And you know, not everyone wears their seatbelt, but that doesn’t mean we say, “Well, forget it then. Let’s not have a law about buckling up.”

It was ultimately law enforcement officials (guys with guns) closing in on Lanza that caused him to take his own life.

The following is a list of stories we’ve found in which good guys with guns have stopped school shootings:

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