RINO Alert: McCain “doesn’t understand” Proposed GOP Gun Filibuster

April 7 2013
by GSL Staff
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John McCain is moving more and more into RINO territory everyday and proving that the hope for a true conservative party lies with young Republicans and Libertarians.

Speaking about the proposed GOP filibuster of the upcoming Democratic Senate gun bill McCain said, “I don’t understand it. The purpose of the United States Senate is to debate and to vote and to let the people know where we stand. What are we afraid of? … If this issue is as important as we all think it is, why not take … it up and debate?” McCain said on CBS’s Face the Nation. “Everybody wants the same goal to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally disabled. [An examination of background checks are] something that the American people and certainly Congress could be helped by if we have a vigorous debate and discussion”

McCain joins Demoratic senators Dianne Feinstein (CA), Chuck Schumer (NY) and Harry Reid (NV) in calling for a vote on the proposed gun control bill, which is centered around “universal background checks” (aka de facto registration).

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