Report of Yale Gunman Was Hoax, but That Didn’t Stop Anti-Gunners From Taking to Social Media

November 25 2013
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 6.39.13 PMEarlier today, due to an anonymous tip, Yale University (pictured), which is not currently in session, was locked down.

The call came from a pay phone in the area and and an anonymous caller told a local news agency that his roommate was on the way to the University to shoot people.

An unknown number of police officers, including SWAT, spent a good portion of the day clearing the campus.

In the end, it was determined that the incident was a hoax.

However, before any facts in the case were in, anti-gunners took to Twitter to report the story as fact and in some cases call for additional gun control.

No one needs a rifle? Except those police officers you call to respond to shooters right?

#guncontrol gunman? Does that mean the fictional gunman was a supporter of gun control?

How many times per day does it happen now? 0.0001?

Our definitions of CONFIRMED are apparently very different…

Uh huh…

Except, you know, it wasn’t victimized by any gunmen.

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