Police Confiscate NY Resident’s Pro-Gun Sign From His Lawn

September 25 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to a thread on the popular gun forum, NYFirearms.com, a resident of Somers, NY was more than a little surprised to find out who was stealing his pro Second Amendment signs from his front yard.

A neighbor complained about the sign, the first of which called for repeal of New York’s restrictive new gun control law, the SAFE Act.

The poster was told that he was allowed to keep the sign up, despite the complaint.

However, the sign soon disappeared. Not wanting to be taken advantage of yet again, the resident made a new sign by hand and placed a trail camera near it to catch any would be thieves.

Sure enough, the second sign was stolen as well, so the resident went to the tape.

What he saw was not what he expected. It seems a local police officer was behind the removal of the signs.

“Very strange turn of events…and im not quite sure where to go with this now,” he wrote. “[It’s] the freaking SOMERS PD.”




According to the thread on NYFirearms, the resident is looking into his options to pursue legal action. The resident does admit that it’s possible he may have placed the sign too close to the road, but he does believe it was on his property when it was removed.

Hat Tips: Guns.com, The Blaze

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