Parade Marchers, Soldiers Banned From Carrying Rifles During Local Parade For First Time in 100+ Years

July 2 2013
by GSL Staff
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In Belton, TX, the 4th of July parade is an event with deep and long standing traditions. Since 1850 the town has held an annual parade to celebrate Independence Day. For much of that history, Color Guards and, more recently, civil war re-enactors have marched in the parade with slung or carried rifles.

This year will be different. After the organization, Open Carry Texas, signed up (and was approved) to march in the parade with their rifles, the insurance company is now saying all guns will be disallowed – if the parade wants to keep its insurance that is.

The theme for this year’s parade is “Symbols of Freedom” which is why the group applied. What conveys freedom more than the ability to keep and bear arms? The Chamber of Commerce was completely open to the idea, but due to insurance concerns no firearms will be present, not even the ones that have been there for years.

The group will be permitted to march in the parade, but without their firearms.

According to KWTX,

“We would have not received any coverage for firearm related accidents when we talked to our insurance carrier,” Belton Chamber of Commerce President Stephanie O’Banion said.

“There’s a list of safety regulations that have developed over the years to insure we are executing a very safe event for the community.”

All Color Guard soldiers and American Civil War re-enactors who have toted rifles in the parade for years won’t be allowed to anymore.

The chamber says they and ‘Open Carry Texas’ will be allowed to march in the parade but unarmed.

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