PA Sheriff Carolyn Welsh Auctions Off AR-15, Raises $20,000

May 15 2013
by GSL Staff
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It is seeming more and more like city police departments, whose leaders are usually appointed by local government, and county sheriffs, who are elected directly by residents of the county are at odds over how to handle guns.

Numerous city police departments across the country, including in California and Arizona in the last week, are having gun “buybacks” (a term that constantly confuses us, did the city own the guns to start with?). These events usually cost taxpayer money, if not for the purchasing funds directly, then indirectly for the cost of having the police run them. In fact, Arizona recently passed a law preventing guns purchased in gun buybacks from being destroyed. They must now be sold to the public at auction.

One sheriff in PA is taking a completely opposite approach in her handling of the gun issue.

Sherrif Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh of Chester County, PA needed to raise money for her office’s K9 program.

To do so, she held a raffle. First prize – a brand new AR-15.

The auction was a huge public success and over $20,000 was raised to benefit the county’s K9 teams. The money will be spent on additional training and equipment.

The winner of the rifle underwent a background check performed by the Sheriff’s Office and will also undergo a background check at an area firearms dealer before taking possession of the rifle.

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