NY Media Publishes Names and Addresses of Gun Owners

December 24 2012
by GSL Staff
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The Journal News (no we’ve never heard of them either) has published the names and addresses of over 40,000 gun permit holders in the Westchester and Rockland counties of New York.

In this blatant attempt at intimidation and violation of privacy this news organization has opened up tens of thousands of law abiding citizens to harassment and possible robbery.

The “news” organization provided no justification for the act.

They even created an interactive map so you can casually browse the owner’s information in map format.

This is obviously an attempt at intimidation and to make gun owners feel like they have something to be ashamed of, like they are sex offenders or some other undesirable portion of the population.

We aren’t going to link to the source article because we don’t think the website should be rewarded with traffic for such a stunt.

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