NRA Membership Surges to Over 5 Million Members in Last Four Months

May 5 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre the NRA’s membership has surged to over five million people in the last 4 months.

That means that approximately 10% of the NRA’s members have joined the organization in that time.

It would seem that if 90% of the population truly does support expanding background check laws then the NRA, who has pledged to fight such efforts, would not have had its largest membership surge in decades.

Joining the NRA doesn’t simply mean you sign up to be a member. Membership costs money and it is very telling that almost 1 million people over the last 4 months have felt the need to spend $20-35 in a bad economy.

Some gun owners have had issues with the NRA’s handling of issues in the past, but be sure, this is not your father’s NRA. This is newer, better organized, technologically advanced and hardline NRA.

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