NOIR Episode 7: Our Responsibility – Getting Better

June 23 2014
by GSL Staff
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NOIR Episode 7 aired last night. Here is the video description,

Owning a gun is just cool. Ask our favorite gun enthusiast and he’ll tell you “they’re sexy, fun, entertaining, empowering and fascinating.” But the most important part of being a gun owner is understanding the responsibility that comes with it.

In NOIR Episode 7 “Our Responsibility,” Colion and Amy discuss the responsibilities of gun ownership in self-defense and recreation.

Colion shares why he carries his gun every day and Amy reveals her reasoning to get her concealed handgun license. LaSorte sets up a course for Colion’s self-proclaimed flower child friend Antinique who is new to shooting.

Although she may not rush out to a store to purchase a gun, she will be back to the range. Colion gets put to the test at Trident Response Group in a simulated home defense situation.

As promised, Colion premiers the “People Who Carry .40” video for the “caliber confused.” Visit to watch all the episodes of NOIR.

The show is getting better in my opinion, but I think it’s now running a little long, get it under 30 minutes and keep up the quality content and I think the show is finally getting on track.

The organization, topics and chemistry between Colion and Amy is getting a lot better. We actually had some shooting in this episode, some good discussion, and even a classic Colion video (People Who Carry .40).

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