New Colorado Gun Control Restrictions Go Into Effect Today

July 1 2013
by GSL Staff
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coloradoflag_erinWell, it’s finally here for Colorado. Today marks the first day residents will be living under the new draconian gun laws passed by the Colorado state legislature earlier this year.

Most notably, the laws that limit the sale of gun magazines to those that hold 15 rounds or fewer and the requirement for a “universal background check,” meaning all private transactions must be done through a licensed gun dealer go into effect today.

Many residents, companies and the sheriffs of Colorado are fighting in the courts to stop the new laws, which they say are unenforceable, will not curb violence and are a violation of the Second Amendment.

Under the new law, if ownership of a gun changes, the two parties involved must go through a federally licensed firearms dealer in order to have a background check done. The costs for this typically range from “free with a purchase” all the way to $50 per transaction.

There is no requirement or penalty if a gun store refuses to do private transfers for people.

Noted AR-15 magazine manufacturer Magpul, who lobbied hard against the legislation and ultimately relocated their business outside of Colorado because of it, gave out 1,500 of their 30 round AR-15 magazines to Colorado residents this weekend ahead of the impending legislation implementation.

Residents were also buying everything they could get their hands on in gun stores ahead of the law changes.

The passage of these gun control measures hasn’t come without its price politically, as two state senators, including the senate president are going to be facing a recall election to defend their seats in the senate. Resident were able to collect more than enough valid signatures to recall the politicians, the first time in modern history a sitting Colorado lawmaker has been recalled.

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