Nerf Gun Fight at School Prompts Police Response, School Lockdown

August 22 2013
by GSL Staff
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According to local media reports, toy Nerf guns brought an Ohio school to a standstill earlier today.

Elyria police, Lorain County sheriff’s deputies, Elyria firefighters and Lorain County Metro Park rangers were dispatched to Open Door Christian School and Church in Elyria, OH following a report of a possible shooting.

The cause? A Nerf gun fight, which wasn’t event taking place at the school, but rather the adjacent church.

The daughter of a staff worker at the school misinterpreted a text message from her mother about the play gun fight and thought there was a real shooting.

The daughter called the police, who responded in force.

According to The Chronicle-Telegram,

…police immediately put the school in lockdown and set up a perimeter around both the school and the church, according to head of schools Denver Daniel. After 15 minutes of lockdown, police were able to clear the area and let the first day of school resume.

The incident happened around midday on Wednesday.

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