Multiple Groups Raising Money to Buy George Zimmerman a New Gun

July 19 2013
by GSL Staff
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stock_pf9While we’re pretty sure there is no way that George is unarmed right now, there’s no real way to know. That’s why at least two groups are raising money to buy George Zimmerman a new firearm for self defense.

Earlier this week the Justice Department put a hold on the evidence of Zimmerman’s murder trial, including his Kel Tec PF9 handgun, which was originally to be returned to him. The Justice Department is currently investigating Zimmerman for possible civil rights violations.

That’s where the Buckeye Firearms Association (one of the largest pro gun groups in Ohio) and Guard American (a Nevada based gun and rights education group) are raising money to buy George a new gun.

According to Buckeye Firearms Association (click for more details):

Gun owners must stand together and refuse to allow an injustice like this to go unanswered. If we choose to sit idly by while the full force and weight of the federal government descends upon a free man, it will embolden others to take liberties with our rights.

We know what some will say about this. We know we will be reviled for taking this stand. Our motives will be impugned and our words will be twisted. But that happens already. Those who work against our rights will always do this. It hasn’t stopped us before and it won’t stop us now.

We have created the Zimmerman Second Amendment Fund. We encourage you to donate whatever you can afford, $100 … $50 … $25 … even just $10. We will provide Mr. Zimmerman, who has no current source of income, with the funds he needs to replace his firearm, holster, and other gear. The rest will be set aside to fight similar injustices … and they happen all the time.

And GuardAmerican has the following statement on their website (click for more details):

As you may know, Eric Holder has impounded George Zimmerman’s Kel Tec. George and his family have been threatened repeatedly since he was exonerated! George has been disarmed!

GuardAmerican reader JimF comes up with a beautifully simple idea to fix that: Americans can show their support for wrongfully persecuted George Zimmerman by getting him a new gun! I smacked my head in a “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment! So click here:

Let’s buy George Zimmerman a new gun!

How will this work? Well, I turned on the backend method for taking credit card information on the site. There’s a new tab up there labeled “Enroll.”

I’ve co-opted GuardAmerican’s innards to help. Click on Enroll and choose one of the easy-peasy, single-charge, one-time plans to donate $5 – $20, or more!

You can visit the sites, both linked above to get more details an donate if you’d like.

Note: We are not associated with either effort and we cannot make any guarantees about the donation process, fund allocation, etc. If you have any questions please reach out to the individual organizations.

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