Mother of Joe Wilcox, Las Vegas Concealed Carrier – “I’m Glad He Helped”

June 10 2014
by GSL Staff
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By now, you’ve probably heard that the pair of suspects (who we will not name) who killed two Las Vegas Metro Police Department officers in an ambush, were engaged by a concealed carrier by the name of Joe Wilcox.

Wilcox was unfortunately killed by the female suspect, who was masquerading as a shopper while Wilcox engaged the male suspect.

Despite the fact that Wilcox was killed, police called him a hero for his actions, and it’s highly likely that his actions resulted in police being able to more quickly engage the pair, resulting in their suicide.

According to local media reports, Joe Wilcox’s mother has spoken publicly about her son’s actions.

When [the suspects], burst into the store, yelling about a revolution, Wilcox, who was carrying a firearm, made the decision to get involved.

“My son carries a CCW and happened to have his firearm. He stopped carrying for the longest time. He pulled it and his friend said, ‘Joseph, let’s go.’ His friend started running, turned around and didn’t see Joseph,” said Joseph Wilcox’s mother, Debra Wilcox.

Debra Wilcox said she’s not surprised her son tried to intervene.

“I guess I can tell you that I wish he didn’t go into that Walmart. I wish he didn’t. I’m glad he helped,” she said.

A donation page has been setup on the crowdfunding website, Go Fund Me to benefit Joe’s family. I can vouch for the page’s authenticity and 100% of the funds will go to Joe’s family once the donation drive is complete. Click here to donate. Over $2,000 has been raised in the first 13 hours alone. We are shooting for $25,000.

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