Morgan Spurlock and Michael Moore Slam Congress On Background Checks

May 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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Apparently documentary filmmakers are fond of additional gun control measures.

At a recent groundbreaking for a movie theater which will only show documentaries, the two most well known documentary filmmakers slammed Congress on their votes on expanded background checks.

Spurlock said, “The fact that the Senate didn’t pass background checks when 90% of Americans approve of them shows that they voted with their wallets and not their hearts. You can only hope that there will be some sort of backlash against those politicians.

Moore praised the gun control campaign of NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg and also took his turn to slam the Senate:

“I think the United States Senate has made a huge mistake going against the will of 90% of the American people. The only things that have polled at 90% [according to Public Policy Polling] are Abraham Lincoln and Jesus. Not even baseball, Mother Teresa, or apple pie polls that high. So it’s just background checks, Abraham Lincoln, and Jesus that Americans approve of at that level. And the Senate voted against them.”

Remember, as these people push for more gun control, in a recent Gallup poll, gun control was listed as the next to last most important issue to voters polled and multiple recent studies have shown a 40-50% drop in the gun homicide rate in the US over the last 20 years, with it being at a 20 year low in 2011 (the last year used in the study).

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