More Craziness From CO – Lawmakers Consider Holding Gun Manufacturers and Sellers Liable

February 27 2013
by GSL Staff
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If you read our previous post, What the hell is going on in Colorado? you probably know our feelings on the current anti gun political climate of the state lawmakers there. Hence our upside down distressed Colorado flag for the post image.

According to, CO lawmakers are considering a bill which would make gun makers and sellers liable for any damages done by the weapons they sell.

The bill is targeting so called “assault weapons” which this particular bill is defining as any firearm other than a handgun, shotgun, bolt-action or lever-action rifle.

At a press conference State Senate President John Morse said, “You fire this weapon, you own that bullet, whatever it does … These guns are four times as powerful as handguns. That means they’re more effective at killing, they’re more efficient at killing, and they do a lot more collateral damage when they’re used.”

“There are people who believe they have the right to own these guns,” he continued, “but we need to be better at making sure that we’ve articulated clearly the responsibility that goes along with these guns. The reality is, these folks don’t have a Second Amendment right to buy these guns,” he said. “I’m not going there with this bill. I’m granting them the right, if you will, as long as they take 100 percent responsibility, both to sell it, to buy it, to possess it, to shoot it, the whole kit and caboodle. You guys have to take this responsibility along with this so-called right.”

Of course all law enforcement, military or private security working within Colorado would be exempt from this liability. It does also remove liability during a legitimate self defense use of a weapon.

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