[Video] Moms Demand Action Claim Midterm Results Show They Have Gun Control Momentum

November 5 2014
by GSL Staff
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In yet another exhibit that Moms Demand Action does not live anywhere in the realm of reality I present this new piece of evidence. A video that was released by MDA following the absolute annihilation of anti-gun candidates in the midterm elections yesterday.

Gun rights clearly played a role in the election. Several governor races in traditionally blue states were much closer than expected and the GOP even got some surprise wins in Illinois and Maryland.

Not to mention that voters across the country solidly elected pro-gun candidates to both the US House and Senate.

Here are some of MDA’s comments:

For years, the gun lobby has had the field to themselves. But this election season, supporters like you are changing the game. You’ve shown the size and the power of our movement, led by moms and concerned citizens from all over the country who care deeply about gun violence prevention.

We mobilized nearly one million gun sense voters who pledged to vote for candidates who support common sense gun laws.

By hosting more than 100 house parties across the country, knocking on tens of thousands of doors, and making more than 100,000 phone calls to voters in key areas.

… and none of it worked. Anti-gun candidates were defeated at the state level, in governor’s races, in House races, and soundly in US Senate races.

The video goes on to point out that I-594, a universal background check initiative, was passed as a ballot measure in Washington state. What the video doesn’t mention is that it took tens of millions of dollars in donations from multiple liberal billionaires to make that happen, and the competing measure, I-591 almost passed anyway.

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