Michigan Public Library Calls Police on Legal Gun Carrier, Asks Him to Leave Event

June 19 2014
by GSL Staff
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Whether it’s local, state or federal property, it seems like it is governments who have take the most issues with legal carriers of firearms.

In this story a man was asked to leave an event taking place in the parking lot of a public library in Kalamazoo, MI because he was carrying a handgun.

According to MLive [emphasis mine for a good answer],

The most recent incident occurred mid-afternoon Saturday, June 8, in the parking lot of the downtown Kalamazoo library during a children’s event kicking off its summer reading program, according to Rohrbaugh.

She said the man had a handgun in a holster. When approached by library staff, “he told us that he carries a gun to protect his young daughter,” Rohrbaugh said.

“We’re under instruction from police to call them whenever we see someone with a gun, so we did,” Rohrbaugh said. “In the meantime, one of our administrators told the man that we’d like him to leave.

The man did leave the parking lot and crossed the street, but police were still called to the scene. The library says they have been instructed by the police to call them anytime they see someone with a gun.

The issue has anti-gunners in Michigan now considering a push to get public libraries added to the list of prohibited places for firearms carry.

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