Meanwhile in Australia: Radio Hosts and Police Leader Call Bolt Action Rifle “The Biggest, Ugliest” Automatic Gun

June 27 2014
by GSL Staff
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Assistant Commissioner Steve Fontana from Victoria Police Department says he’s not an expert in firearms, to which we say – NO SH**!

Appearing on a local radio show in Australia Fontana brought with him a Savage Arms 10 BA rifle which is a bolt action rifle chambered in .308.

The gun was reportedly seized during the arrest of someone involved in organized crime.

One of the radio hosts calls it the “biggest, ugliest guns” he’s ever seen. He then asks the commissioner if the rifle is an automatic to which the commissioner says that he believes it is an automatic, but doesn’t think it’s a machine gun.

The commissioner then goes on to talk about how they are seizing more and more guns being used in crimes such as drive by shootings and by outlaw motorcycle gangs.

I guess those super strict gun control laws are working out really well for them.

Keep in mind that our own president has used Australia as an example of what he would like to see done with our gun control laws.

This video makes my head hurt.

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