Mass Shooting in Chicago Last Night, 6 Shot, Including Children – Virtually No Mainstream Media Coverage

June 3 2014
by GSL Staff
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Last night, 6 people, including two teenagers aged 14 and 16 were shot in Chicago last night in a laundromat.

According to My Fox Chicago,

Matthew Gills, 33, a construction worker, lives across the street from where the shooting occurred. He was at home when he heard about 19 shots.

“It’s too dangerous to let my kids play around the neighborhood,” Gills said.

“That’s all it is is gangs. Gangs, gangs, gangs, gangs, gangs. I don’t even want to be in Chicago because it’s too dangerous. I’m trying to move to Texas.”

As far as I can tell, Fox News is the only mainstream media outlet that has picked up the story. Could it be because a mass shooting in Chicago, that is likely gang related doesn’t fit their agenda.

This incident just highlights the truth about violence committed with guns in this country. The overwhelming majority of violence involving firearms is gang on gang crime. However, the way the mainstream media reports on guns they would have you believe it is committed by rural and middle class gun owners or troubled rich kids.

We can also point out that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. It is currently the only city in the country (that I know of anyway) where there is nowhere to purchase a gun legally.

This just further illustrates that the anti-gun crowd and mainstream media aren’t interested in having a real discussion on reducing violence, but only disarming law abiding gun owners.

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