Masked Man Robs Bank in Kroger, Moms Demand Action Says an Open Carry Ban Would Have Prevented Robbery

October 17 2014
by GSL Staff
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Moms Demand Action rarely makes sense with their ridiculous demands and corporate bullying tactics. However, they are REALLY not making sense today.

According to, this is how the robbery went down,

The incident occurred around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at the branch location at 2310 Ferguson Road.

Police say a man wearing a grey skeleton mask carrying an open umbrella brandished a semi-automatic handgun at the teller and demanded cash.

After receiving an undetermined amount of cash, the suspect placed the money in a black nylon bag with white letters and fled the bank.

Of course, Moms Demand Action had to jump on the event and even used it to push their agenda of banning LEGAL open carry in Kroger stores. This is the post they made on Facebook following the incident:

ANOTHER ARMED ROBBERY AT KROGER: This man robbed a bank inside a Cincinnati-area Kroger yesterday. Police say he wore a grey skeleton mask and demanded cash while brandishing a semi-automatic handgun at a teller. The robbery comes only two days after a man at another Cincinnati Kroger was robbed at gunpoint in the restroom:

These crimes at two Kroger stores in one week should serve as a wake up call to Kroger’s leadership to prohibit the open carry of firearms in its stores. Kroger customers should not be responsible for determining if someone in the store holding a gun is a criminal or making a political statement.

Really? Can someone please tell these moms that armed robbery is not only already illegal, I’m pretty sure Kroger doesn’t allow it as a policy. These “Moms” aren’t even living in reality anymore. I wonder how long before this unsuccessful group is disbanded and replaced in the Bloomberg merry-go-round of anti-gun groups.

If anything, the fact that armed criminals sometimes target Kroger stores is even more reason to allow law abiding citizens to carry there.

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