Maryland Gun Control – Pass Strict Laws, Sell 100,000 New Guns

September 9 2013
by GSL Staff
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stock_DSC_0535According to reports, the state of Maryland is struggling to keep up with the demand for firearm purchase applications.

In all of 2012 the state processed around 70,000 applications for new gun purchases. In 2011 the state processed a mere 46,000.

As of last week the state had already received almost 89,000 applications for 2013.

That puts the purchase pace for 2013 at almost double the 2012 rate.

So what is driving this buying frenzy? Well, gun sales are significantly up for the year across the nation as many gun owners and potential gun owners feared federal gun control laws earlier in the year.

It is widely expected that 2013 will easily set sales records for the gun industry.

However, in Maryland, more pressing matters are driving the purchases.

Maryland’s new, extremely restrictive gun laws go into effect on October 1, so residents are scrambling to stock up ahead of time.

According to Fox,

The new gun law Maryland lawmakers passed earlier this year bans 45 types of assault weapons, but people who own them now will be able to keep them. The law also limits handgun magazines to 10 rounds and requires people to submit fingerprints to the state police to get a license to buy a handgun.

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