Marine Combat Vet Denied Access to Six Flags Because His Shirt Had a Picture of a Gun on It

August 15 2014
by GSL Staff
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Mario Alejandro is a Marine veteran who served in the Iraq War.

He purchased a t-shirt that reads Keep Calm and Return Fire which features an AR-15 style rifle colored in the manner of the American flag from a pro-veteran organization (

However, the shirt turned into a headache for he and his family when they tried to visit a Six Flags Great Adventure theme park.

According to News 12 New Jersey,

The Marine says he tried explaining to Six Flags staff that he is a veteran and that the shirt is to support the military.

“As soon as I showed him the back of my shirt he said, ‘I don’t care. Get out of here, get out of here,'” he says.

Alejandro says he was told to either buy a new shirt in the gift shop or leave. The father of three angrily left the park, while his family went inside.

Alejandro just wants an apology from Six Flags. This is just more anti-gun hysteria.

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