Lab Worker in MA Confesses To Faking Results of Thousands of Criminal Drug Tests

September 29 2012
by GSL Staff
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This one isn’t gun related, but wow, this is probably one of the most substantial corruption cases in history.

According to the AP, as many as 34,000 drug related cases could be reviewed and possibly overturned in Massachusetts after a lab works confesses to not having a Master’s Degree in Chemistry, faking test results, and lying under oath.

Annie Dookhan has been arrested after lying about her education under oath, confessing to adding drugs to drug free samples, declaring substances narcotics without testing them, weighing samples with calibrating scales, lying under oath, and a variety of other infractions.

Co-workers pointed out inconsistencies in Dookhan’s work over a year ago, but no action was taken. This was despite the fact that Dookhan tested over 500 samples per month, where other lab techs tested less than half of that.

Dookhan tested samples of over 34,000 individuals in her time with the lab.

The state is preparing to deal with the fallout of the situation.

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