Kindergartener Disciplined for Bringing LEGO Gun the Size of a Quarter to School

May 29 2013
by GSL Staff
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The public school system continues to breed a hatred and fear of guns in the next generation of Americans. So far we’ve seen a boy suspended for chewing a breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun, a girl searched for having a piece of paper shaped like a gun, and boys suspended for “holding a pencil like a gun“.

Now we have a six year old who was given detention and forced to apologize for bringing a tiny toy gun from a LEGO set, about the size of a US quarter, to school.

According to the boy’s mother, in a letter from the school, she was told that children on her son’s bus were “traumatized” by the presence of the tiny gun.

The boy had to write an apology letter to the bus driver, as did the other student who originally yelled to the bus driver about the toy. The student who brought the toy onto the bus was also given detention (I don’t even remember there being a detention in kindergarten).

According to the boy’s mother isn’t too happy about how the situation was handled.

Mieke Crane is the mother of the six-year-old kindergarten student who brought the gun on the bus.

“I think they over-reacted totally. I totally do,” said Crane.

“I could see if it was you know, an air soft gun or some sort of pistol or live bullets or something. This is just a toy,” said Crane.

“At six-years-old. I don’t really think he understood the zero tolerance policy and related it to this as the same,” said Crane.

I’m honestly afraid this is how gun control and gun bans eventually come to fruition. Public schools are making children have so much contempt and fear for guns that they are unlikely to grow up to be law abiding gun owners.

I hope we can all agree this is utterly ridiculous.

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