[VIDEO] Kevin Costner: Guns For Me, Gun Control For You

January 28 2015
by Sam Cadle
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In a recent interview about his new Movie ‘Black or White’ Kevin Costner takes on gun control.  He talks about owning guns and passing them on to his children later in life.

Costner begins to step in it around the time he says “I own guns and I, for myself, I hope that there are stricter gun laws.”

This appears to be a clear case of “I get what I want, and everyone else can have gun control.”  He fails to realize though is that it is a polarizing issue because it has been made to be that way.  Many time as gun owners were are in all-or-nothing fights.  Laws like ‘assault weapon bans’ and magazine capacity limits are just two that come to mind.

What happens when the gun control he calls for takes away those heirlooms that he wants to pass to his children?  What happens when he cannot pass those guns down without background checks or he is required by law to turn them into non-functioning relics to transfer them? What then? Has gun control gone too far for you Mr. Costner?

The anti-gun side will continue to erode our rights one gun control measure at a time.  This year it was background checks in my home state.  The next initiative they are after is a banning ‘large capacity magazines’ so that they will ask us to turn in every magazine we own that is over 10rds.  2016 will probably bring another ‘assault weapons’ ban, turning just about every modern into an “assault weapon” that will need to be forfeited to the government.  Where does it end? So we all are part of the polarized fight because winning a step puts a halt to their agenda.

This is all right out of their playbook.  Erode gun rights though gun-control measures one thing at a time.  So when Costner says that it shouldn’t be polarizing, he is wrong.  He is to far removed from the daily fight, and isn’t seeing the bigger picture.  If he isn’t careful they will be knocking on his door soon to confiscate his firearms, and he will be left there wondering what happened.

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