Joe Rogan Catches Major Heat From Anti-Hunters Over Archery Bear Hunt

June 12 2014
by GSL Staff
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We’re hunting supporters here at We understand that not everyone is a hunter, but we feel that it’s important to protect hunting rights as part of our freedoms here in the US.

It looks like actor and television host Joe Rogan has become the latest celebrity to take heat over a hunting photo posted online.

Earlier this week, professional hunter Cameron Hanes posted the above photo to his Facebook page along with the following message (paragraph breaks added for readability),

Joe Rogan becomes a bowhunter. Last night, on a memorable bear hunting evening in Alberta, Joe made a perfect shot on this beast. We were hunting from the ground eye-to-eye with the bears when this mature boar offered Joe a shot.

As John Rivet captured all the action on film, after months and months of practicing with his Hoyt, preparation finally met opportunity and with adrenaline surging, Joe made the most of it. The boar went 40 yards tops and was down in seconds. Fire up the grill, we are eating bear tonight!

#passingonthetradition #keephammering @joeroganexperience #uahunt #ieatbear @hoytbowhunting #pickaspot — with Jenn Rivet, Cam Hanes and John Rivet.

Of course, that brought every anti-hunter out of the woodwork. Here are a few gems from Twitter directed at Joe:

However, Joe Rogan, being Joe Rogan, wasn’t just going to take the criticism sitting down.

And of course he had to get one more jab in:

Nice kill Joe. As someone just getting into bow hunting I know how truly challenging it can be.

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