Joe “Double Barrel to the Sky” Biden Weighs in on Guns…Again…

May 10 2013
by GSL Staff
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Joe “Double Barrel to the Sky” Biden weighed in on the gun control debate once again this week.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magaizine Biden addressed several aspects of the current gun debate in his own, colorful way.

Biden seems to think he has the American people’s support on not just background checks, but magazine restrictions and bans on certain types of weapons.

From Rolling Stone,

If we did that poll a week before Sandy Hook, my guess is you wouldn’t have 90 percent of the American people. They said, “You have to do something.” So we’ve already won the battle with the American public on this, not just on background checks but on magazines, on assault weapons, et cetera. This is a case where the public is way ahead of Congress, and the Congress hadn’t figured it out, just like they were…

He really loves that 90% number doesn’t he (see 90% Background Check Stat Debunked).

In response to a question about possibly blowback from the gun control debate in upcoming elections, Biden seemed confident (wasn’t Biden around during the 1994 decimation of the Democratic party which took them almost 15 years to recover from?) Also, I guess Biden hasn’t seen the recent Gallup poll where voters who participated ranked gun control as the next to last issue they think is important for lawmakers to address.

To use the vernacular, there’s suddenly a lot of senators out there who have seen the Lord. You find out that the senator from New Hampshire is in trouble; she voted no. I can name you four senators who called me and said, “Jesus, I guess you were right – maybe we can find some other way of doing this. Can we bring this back up?”

Biden continued his remarks from last week saying he wouldn’t lay off gun control in the immediate future.

Another excerpt from the interview,

We’re going right back at it. The biggest thing that’s changed is that the people who were for the background checks are saying it will be a determining issue. There’s pace on the ball now; this is a different country. I’m convinced we’ll be able to bring this back up, and I’m convinced we can win this.

What do you think? Is Biden right? Sound off in the comments below. Will Democrats actually be helped instead of hurt for their push on gun control? That’s certainly not what history says, and you know what they say about folks who refuse to learn from history…

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