It’s On: George Zimmerman Will Fight Rapper DMX in Celebrity Boxing Match

February 5 2014
by GSL Staff
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dmxzimmermanGeorge Zimmerman, age 30, will fight rapper DMX, age 43, in an upcoming celebrity boxing match.

DMX emerged as the front runner out of tens of thousands of people who asked to fight Zimmerman.

DMX has already said he will not fight fair, would urinate on Zimmerman if he knocked him out and would probably be arrested following the fight.

According to CNN, Zimmerman has spent the last year training in boxing and preparing for the fight, despite not knowing who his opponent would be.

One other possible opponent for the fight was rapper The Game, however it looks like Zimmerman shied away from fighting the 6’5″ 240lb rapper.

According to reports, the fight was Zimmerman’s idea and he got in touch with Damon Feldman, owner of Celebrity Boxing.

Reportedly, Zimmerman will make no money from the fight and any of his proceeds will be donated to charity.

The time and location of the fight will be announced next week. The fight is expected to take place on an Internet based pay-per-view service.

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