IRS Scandals Show Why Gun Owners Strongly Oppose Expanded Background Checks and Registration

May 20 2013
by GSL Staff
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Over the last few weeks the IRS has been plagued by scandals. First (and this story hasn’t gotten nearly enough publicity), the IRS illegally seized the medical records of 10 MILLION, yes, 10 MILLION Americans. They are now being sued over this gross invasion of privacy.

Next, it has come to light that the IRS was illegally targeting groups that were related to the Tea Party, defending the Bill of Rights and defending the Constitution.

These scandals should serve as the exact reason that gun owners oppose any sort of expanded government regulations on our right to bear arms. It seems that when the government is able to get its hands on any sort of personal information it can’t help but use it improperly.

If background checks were expanded in the manner of the Toomey-Manchin legislation, every gun transaction would generate a Form 4473, which is a form showing that a background check was completed and a gun changed hands. The form tracks the type of weapon sold, serial number, and all personal information of the buyer. Normally these forms stay the gun shop where they were generated, but what is to stop the government from seizing these?

It was already illegal for the IRS to improperly seize medical records and target the tax-exempt status of certain organizations based on possible political motives, but that certainly didn’t stop them and there is likely to be little or no repercussions for those involved in those scandals.

There will be a couple of resignations, maybe some small settlements in court, but none of the law breaking officials will see the inside of a jail, or be held personally financially responsible.

There certainly won’t be any impeachments in the executive branch, and I would be thoroughly surprised if any top officials end up losing their jobs, which is a disgrace, but it’s the government we have today. There is little oversight and even fewer consequences for abuse of power.

THIS is the reason we will NOT support expanded background checks and especially not any form of gun registration. The government has tipped their hand and shown they cannot be trusted with any of the American people’s private information.

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