Iraq War Vet Absolutely Destroys SAFE Act and NY Government in Speech to Duchess County

July 3 2013
by GSL Staff
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Wow, this guy crushes it.

Aaron Weiss, an Iraq combat veteran and current law enforcement officer, was addressing the Duchess County government during a debate on the repeal of the NY SAFE Act in March.

The SAFE Act was passed earlier this year during an extremely hasty and sketchy manner. The Act bans loading more than 7 rounds into gun magazines and further restricts the types of guns and ammo magazines that can be possessed and/or transferred within the state.

Some of the highlights of the speech,

“Apparently, my definition of courage differs from yours,” he says, almost visibly disgusted. “You see, if it was really so courageous a bill, and it took so much courage to pass it, then why was it done in the middle of the night when no one could see it or read it? That’s not courage. That’s a mafia style sit-down to divvy up what’s good for the bosses.”

“Courage,” he continued, “is taking the right and true course of action, not the politically expedient one. Anyone proud of this law must also be proud of the PATRIOT Act, the TSA (Transportation Security Agency), imprisoning Japanese citizens in World War II, since all these actions were spurred by emotional fear and rammed through in the name of public safety.”

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