IMPORTANT Self Defense Advice: Street Robberies and You – The Basics

February 7 2012
by GSL Staff
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I don’t usually link to or post things that are posted on gun forums, but this post is simply too good, too spot on to not re-post here.

It describes what you might experience during a street robbery and why these types of crimes can be one of the most deadly encounters you can have.

Note: Your heart rate may increase reading this, it might make you angry, it might make you scared, it might make you feel unprepared. Read it all anyway.

Street Robberies and You – The Basics

Note the quotes below and the article linked were not written by anyone associated with this site. Language is mature and may not be safe for work, school, or younger readers.

Once a man starts armed robbing he has crossed a line most won’t. Don’t forget that when you are looking these bastards in the eye. Their decision to kill you is already made. Your life means nothing to him. Only his does. His sole motivation for not killing you is he doesn’t want a murder case. He has already accepted he may pick one up though.

The answer in the street is always “No”. Can I ask you something? No. Do you have a cigarette? No. Can you tell me what time it is? No. The answer is always “No”. Don’t be nice. Stop the encounter as soon as it starts.

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