Illinois Congressman Says Congress Should Investigate Zimmerman/Martin Shooting ASAP

July 17 2013
by GSL Staff
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502px-LVGOfficialPhotoPortraitRepresentative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is calling for a hearing about the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case in the House Judiciary Committee as soon as possible.

Following the Zimmerman murder trial verdict, in which an all female jury found Zimmerman “not guilty” of both second degree murder and manslaughter in the death of Trayvon Martin, the congressman issued a statement.

According to 89WLS, in a statement released by the lawmaker he said,

“when any child is gunned down and no one goes to jail, it is incumbent on lawmakers at the highest level of government to investigate whether justice has been done, whether the underlying law is just, and whether federal legislation could help avoid another tragic death like the death of Trayvon Martin…”

…”There is no reason in a modern society to accept the sale, marketing, and widespread proliferation of guns as a means for killing other human beings and our laws should reflect that fact…”

…”Day after day and month after month, gun violence is taking the lives of children in the City of Chicago at a horrendous rate. And yet, the House Judiciary Committee scarcely has anything to say about it.”

Is this a smart use of government resources and taxpayer funded time? Or is this simply more political grandstanding by Democrats who are pulling a play from the classic Democrat playbook and “not letting a crisis go to waste”.

According to, Gutierrez is an avid anti gun politician, and this isn’t his first attempt to erode the rights of law abiding gun owners,

As one might guess, Gutierrez is a pro-gun control supporter. In March, he sponsored a bill, H.R. 965, that would have amended the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act to prohibit the possession or transfer of “junk guns.”

And you now may be asking, “What exactly is a ‘junk gun?’”

Well, according to the bill a “junk gun” is (1) a handgun that is not a sporting handgun (i.e., a type of handgun generally recognized as particularly suitable for or readily adaptable to sporting purposes); and (2) any combination of parts from which such a handgun can be assembled.

According to Wikipedia,

Luis Vicente Gutiérrez (born December 10, 1953) is an American politician and the U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 4th congressional district, serving since 1993. Gutiérrez was the first Latino to be elected to Congress from the Midwest.[1] From 1986 until his election to Congress he served as a member of the Chicago City Council representing the 26th ward. He is a member of the Democratic Party and the Congressional Progressive Caucus. He is recognized as the “national leader on comprehensive immigration reform,”[2] and the top Latinoelected official in the United States of America.[2][3] In the 113th Congress, with his 20 years of service, Gutiérrez became the longest serving member of the Illinois House delegation, and so is occasionally referred to as the unofficial “dean” of the delegation.[4][5]

Of Puerto Rican descent, he is a supporter of Puerto Rican independence, and the Vieques movement.[6] Gutiérrez is also an outspoken advocate of workers’ rightsLGBT rights,gender equality, and other liberal and progressive causes.[7][8] Gutiérrez has been compared to civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., due to both figures’ use of non-violent civil disobedience in their advocacy for the equal rights of their communities.[9] In 2010 Frank Sharry of America’s Voice, a leading pro-immigrant group, said of Gutiérrez: “He’s as close as the Latino community has to a Martin Luther King figure.”[10] His supporters have given him the nickname El Gallito – the little fighting rooster – in reference to his fiery oratory and political prowess.[11]

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