Homeowner’s Association May Force Grandmother to Remove Anti-Crime Sign From Her Yard

March 14 2014
by GSL Staff
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STS-2S-bodyI’m generally not a fan of advertising the fact that you’re armed on the outside of your home or vehicle as it may tip criminals off the locations of firearms to steal. That said, I fully, 100% support the right of anyone to display anything they want on their own private property.

In this case, a homeowner’s association may force a grandmother to remove an anti-crime sign from her front yard.

According to WRAL,

The sign reads “Nothing Inside is Worth Dying For” and shows the outline of a man used for target shooting that had been shot twice in the head and five times in the chest.

“What is a security sign supposed to do? It’s supposed to deter crime,” Laurie Cherico said Wednesday.

“Anything to deter crime, why would somebody be against that?” she asked.

The homeowner’s association say that they have received several complaints about the sign. They also say that yard signs must be approved before being put up, and that’s where the issue comes in.

One does have to wonder though, would the homeowner’s association board have approved this sign if they were asked?

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