Supports Rob Pincus for NRA Board of Directors

March 6 2014
by GSL Staff
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Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 5.00.14 PMWhen I saw that Rob Pincus was running a campaign to capture the NRA’s 76th Board of Directors seat I just had to make a quick post about it.

Rob is an extremely experienced trainer as well as a well spoken member of the Second Amendment community. His presence on the NRA Board of Directors would be nothing but a positive thing in my opinion.

I reached out to Rob to see how things were going in the campaign, and it sounds like things are going well,

“I am humbled by the early support and enthusiasm that my announcement brought in. It has been great to see the posts of support across the social media and to see all the pictures of ballots with my name written in!”

Here are some directions for how to vote for Rob, taken from his blog (be sure to check out his entire blog post as it has tons of good information on how the NRA Board election process works and why he is running).

3. How do I support you / vote for you?

This has been the BEST thing that people have said in response to my announcement and I sincerely thank each and every one of you, voting member or not, who have let me know that you support and appreciate my efforts!

-If You ARE a Voting Member and you still have your Ballot for the NRA BoD:

Simply write “Rob Pincus, Bexley Ohio” in on the write in portion of the ballot, as pictured in this blog. Follow the rest of the guidelines and send the ballot in by April 6th!

-If you ARE a Voting Member and you do not have your Ballot:

This is a little trickier. Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy has outline the steps (and written a generous endorsement, which I greatly appreciate). Check it out HERE! Or, simply contact the NRA.

-If you are not a voting member or have already sent in your ballot: Please Spread the Word to anyone in the community who may be a voter or know one!

After that, if the write in campaign to get on the ballot at the actual NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis is Successful, I will be putting the call out for as many supporters as possible to attend the NRAAM and cast their vote for me to proudly take the 76th Seat on the BoD!

Thank you for your consideration of my run for the NRA Board!

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