Why is a GOP Super Majority State Like Georgia Having Trouble Passing Pro-Gun Bills?!

March 20 2014
by GSL Staff
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ga flag georgiaThe situation in Georgia is certainly interesting. Many outside observers probably wonder why a state with a GOP super majority in both houses of the legislature as well as a Republican governor and lt. governor is having such a hard time expanding gun rights in the peach state.

Many within the state are also wondering the same thing.

Today marks the last day of Georgia’s legislative session and it is do or die time for HB60, a bill that could greatly expand carry and gun rights in GA, or could end up being a dud of a bill.

The bill started out with plans of allowed lawful weapons carry on church property, in bars, and in certain government buildings. The bill also made renewing carry permits in GA cheaper and easier as well as cementing the right to keep and bear arms in GA with several other minor law changes.

The bill overwhelmingly passed the House and then encountered problems in the Senate. For some reason, the GA senate seems to be where pro-gun bills go to die.

The first senate committee the bill was brought up in gutted it and removed most of the favorable language being sought by gun owners. As a direct counter to this, the House amended a bill the Senate had already passed, HB60, with the almost the entire language of the now gutted bill (HB875).

However, the Senate wasn’t done yet. Once they voted on the new bill, the Senate introduced an amendment that would only allow carry in churches if they opted in to allow it. The wording of the amendment would create a minefield of legal issues for law abiding gun owners to the point that it might sink the entire bill.

It is expected that the House will now insist on their original version of the bill today which will mean 3 members of the House and 3 members of the Senate will meet behind closed doors to determine the gun rights of Georgians.

The efforts to pass these bills have been met with stern opposition by groups who are based in other parts of the country, such as Moms Demand Action. Is the GA GOP Super Majority folding to the influence of outside influence?

Whatever the reasons for the trouble this bill has had, it will come to and end, one way or another, before midnight tonight.

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