Why an Assault Weapons Ban is Still Unlikely

December 17 2012
by GSL Staff
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I was crafting a post on the fact that an assault weapons ban or magazine capacity law is still unlikely despite all of the public outcries.

I then found this great piece by Martin Albright over at The Truth About Guns (great site).

Albright hits on several good points about why an assault weapons ban would probably not pass Congress as it stands right now.

The president and socially liberal Democrats are of course going to get behind this legislation because they pretty much have to in order to keep their base happy.

As mentioned in the linked article gun rights activists tend to be more organized, are better funded, and are more likely to vote on that one issue than anti gun activists. Someone may say “Oh yes, we certainly need to ban those evil laser powered automatic assault rifles.” However when it comes time to write a check to a gun control lobby group, or attend a rally, or volunteer on the campaign of a pro gun control candidate, many of those people are nowhere to be found.

Even Bill Clinton blamed Al Gore’s loss on the Democrats pushing through new gun control measures when they had control of both Congress and the White House.

I won’t cover every point because Albright did a great job in his article, so check it out.

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