[Video] Obama Advisor Says There Will Be Political Consequences for Republicans Who Oppose Gun Bill

April 3 2013
by GSL Staff
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Obama senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer sat down with Politico and addressed several gun control legislation issues.

Pfeiffer continues to use the poll numbers that show 90% of Americans support universal background checks. That number has thought to be heavily inflated by us for a number of reasons

1. Second amendment supporters are probably generally less likely to give out personal opinion information to a random telephone poll than someone who is an outspoken supporter of gun control legislation

2. Those numbers are the exact opposite of NRA member polls which show that almost 90% of NRA members oppose universal background checks

3. Many people don’t understand that a universal background check system will end up costing tens or hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars, will create a de facto national gun registry, and greatly limits their ability to sell guns from private collections.

Pfeiffer also says he expects there will be political repercussions for Republicans if they oppose gun legislation. Doesn’t Pfeiffer remember the post 1994 elections? Democrats got absolutely worked over in every election after the last assault weapons ban was passed.

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